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Daniil Denisov



Daniil Denisov

Born on August 20, 2002 in a family of musicians in Rybinsk, Russia. Growing up among creative people, at the age of 7 he started studying at a music school, but after two years he moved to an art school. During his studies he concentrated on music, drawing and creating small stop-motion animations, plasticine cartoons and other visual experiments. Also did organizing photo sets and working in a photo-video studio.

Graduated from high school in 2020, in the same year he received a diploma in art education with good grades and education as a metal welder.

On March 6, 2021 moved to Berlin to study language, culture and deeper immersion in art. From April 2022 to today he works at Tipi Am Kanzleramt (theater) on the bar and at PANDA Platform (theater) as a sound, lighting and audio technician. Parallel to making money he does volunteer work in the theater and on set, photography at concerts and performances.

In March 2023 he started a Film production course at the SAE Institute Berlin. In the first semester he made his first short surrealistic film "01", and in the second semester he finished his fourth music album, on which he worked for 3 imigration years, under the pseudonym "Бундит" and made a music video-short film as a visual.

To this day he continues to create audiovisual work.