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Gino Martella



Gino Martella

I am 54 years old. Born in Salento, I live in Sarzana, Liguria. I studied in Siena, where in 1996 I graduated in Biology with honours. In 2003 I obtained a Master's degree in Environmental Law while in 2012 I graduated in Urban Planning with top marks. Since 2016 I have been a student at L'Aura Cinema School in Ostana of Giorgio Diritti and Fredo Valla. My passion and curiosity for what surrounds me lead me to continuous transformations, always looking for new balances in new experiences. In 2014, together with Massimo Bondielli, I founded the Caravanserraglio Film Factory association. I believe that cinema can tell stories by lightly exciting spectators in every Place.

Filmography (production):
• "Se io fossi acqua" (2013): screened at Milan EXPO 2015
• "Ovunque proteggi" (2015): special mention at Nastri d'Argento 2017
• "Il sole sulla pelle" (2019): finalist at the Nastri d'Argento 2019