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Mattia Tognoni

Mattia Tognoni-headshot


Mattia Tognoni

Mattia Tognoni was born on July 27, 1998, in Pontremoli, Italy.
Since childhood he grows the passion for drawing, which will develop in a predominant way up to his 15 years, when he starts attending Art High school.
Here comes the passion for art in a narrow sense, in particular for cinematographic art, which will be increased by the high school Audio-visual curricula, that will allow him to develop knowledge of video field and to realise his first scholastic projects.
Since 2018 he attends Carrara Academy of Fine Arts where he continues his journey in New Technologies of Art, realising mainly preparatory projects and developing an interest in Visual arts; in 2020 he made his first self-produced short film 'Senility'.