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Patrícia Fonseca



Patrícia Fonseca

Patrícia Fonseca was born in Vila Real in 1997. She holds a degree in Fine Arts with a focus on painting and a Master's Degree in Image Design with a specialization in Cinematography from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Porto.

She began her artistic journey with painting, allowing her to connect with herself, exploring consciousness, subconsciousness, and the shadows of the unconscious mind. Her paintings reflect various universes stemming from these states, narrating past stories, lived memories, and future aspirations.

Since her childhood, she has been exploring cameras, from analog to digital, enabling her to capture moments across time and eternalize them. This passion naturally led her to cinematography. With her background and image culture gained through time, the desire to create films began to grow, culminating in the production of her first short film.