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About a year ago I was in Livorno, returning from a work period in Sardinia. I was sitting at a café on the central street leading to the sea when Luca called me talking about an idea for a music video clip dedicated to his song Il resto come sempre, composed by his friend Francesco Panconesi. The first reflections around the video focused on the idea of image reflection, specifically the concept of the mirror and the strong desire to shoot in Tuscany.
I remember very clearly the happiness that pervaded me about that proposal, which was still immature and in the process of being developed. A few months later my life choices led me to move to the province of Siena, very close to the places where my friendship with Luca and Francesco had been born.
January came and the ideas, which before were immature, matured along with the knowledge that we could shoot in those places very easily since I had moved my base of life and
productions right there. We chose the Crete Senesi, a cryptic and boundless place very dear to Francesco.
On the mirror concept I divided my research into two paths: the first was to contact all the mirror factories in the area, looking for information and permits so that I could film the internal workings. I was taken in by Nicola Nappa, owner of Vetreria Elmi in Badia A Elmi, a hamlet of San Gimignano. Nicola's willingness and putting himself on the line made filming in his factory a pleasant moment, concluded with the gift of a mirror, used precisely for filming in the Crete Senesi with Luca and Franscesco.
The second avenue was the search for archival material, specifically the experiments of Edmund Kuppel and his Filmen - Filmer - In 4 Minuten um die Welt (1975) from which we stole
a few frames and of an amateur film, Berkeley on fire, digitized and made available by A/V Geeks, shot in Berkeley in 1923 during a major fire: of this we were captivated by one
precise moment, where a boy searches through the rubble for a mirror and carries it away while looking into the camera.
The special feature of this video clip is the mix of different image formats: 4K footage, on mini DV magnetic tape film, supported by stock footage. We packaged
this multimedia object with a strong bond of friendship and a great love for Tuscany, reflected in the mirrors and natural light effects found along the way.

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Music: Luca Sguera, Francesco Panconesi; Editor: Lorenzo Picarazzi; Camera operator: Lorenzo Picarazzi, Martina Yara Pasquali


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