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mirko bosio
Mirko Bosio
AnamCara Cultural Association
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Recent scientific discoveries, inspired by Susanne Simard's studies, have shown that trees are much more than we think, they are beings endowed with a complex social structure and communicate with each other thanks to an underground network of relationships capable to generate mutual assistance and the elements of the forest show an altruistic attitude oriented towards the common good. While we usually tend to think of plants as static and solitary organisms, the reality is that they are in constant dialogue with each other, exchanging information and helping each other to face environmental challenges.
Starting from this assumption, the documentary tells an extraordinary story narrated by a tree that tells its own life and that of its brothers, set in the spectacular high-altitude environment of the Italian Alps, illustrated by a photograph inspired by unconditional love.
The young tree speaks to us of its connection with the wood but, referring to the cultural heritage which, starting from the animistic visions of the ancients, culminates with contemporary theosophical thought, quoting, just to name Rudolph Steiner, then extends to the relationship with the Elemental Beings that surround him and in particular with the "Great Beings of the Mountain", a Spiritual Entity longed for by the director, who governs and balances everything in those largely uncontaminated places since the dawn of time.
Glaciers, vertiginous granite walls, sparkling streams and waterfalls, woods and alpine pastures that are home to very special animal and plant creatures, are the extreme environments that form the backdrop to the narrative.
We will meet, in a ride that overcomes temporal barriers, the first men who inhabited the great mountain in prehistoric times and related to it, recognizing in it a sacred being with whom to enter into a relationship, but we will also meet today's man , which instead made the mountain a territory of conquest.
Today, almost everywhere, experiencing the mountain means carrying out projects aimed at "enhancing" it, when the very idea of attributing added value to it, of giving it value with pharaonic works of tourist interest in reality does nothing but impoverish it of its uniqueness. The Alps are one of the last spaces not invaded by anthropization in Europe and these spaces are the wild lung of our territories. From an evolved point of view, the mountain does not need to be valued by man, except with minimal interventions and its real value lies in its extraordinary landscape, cultural and natural uniqueness. Its very existence is already the value in itself.
However, the ending of the narration describes a new reality made up of women and men with a different sensitivity towards the mountain and its environmental and somehow spiritual values.
A "New Man" who is moving towards a future that is respectful and energetically connected to the planet, where the immense silences of the Alpine universe express the sweet poetry of a better future, where empty spaces are full of content and the scent of infinite beauty .

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Asia Bosio, Roberta Mazzarello