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mirko bosio



mirko bosio

Mirko Bosio. Degree in architecture, Product & Graphic Designer, Sustainable Design. Industrial manager. Director and Sound engineer. Feng Shui Architecture Consultant. Vibrational Holistic Operator registered with the SIAF under no. PI3103-OP. President and founder of the cultural associations Guardians of Ancient Wisdom and AnamCara. Expert in the culture and spirituality of native Europeans and on this subject he has written two books: "The dance of shadow and light" and "Aurum". Organizer of esoteric groups and historical re-enactment events.
My personal and professional life is steeped in art and vibration: drawing, photography, video, music and then the unbridled passion for the natural world, travel and the world of the spirit, in these passions my professionalism of today is rooted, an existence divided between the more material aspects and the subtle ones, well inserted in the real world but with a fixed gaze beyond the veil of matter.
Since I was a boy I have had a privileged, unique and essential relationship with nature, I loved walking, often in solitude, in the woods and on the peaks. I have always felt a direct and special relationship with the forest and the springs; even then I perceived that everything was too right and perfect not to have a cause, not to be the result of a harmonious design, of a creative principle.
Without reading Guénon, Capra or Hilmann, by intuition, I understood that the divine principle was in all things, it lived in the stones as in the animals, in the trees, in the stream, but above all in my heart. Over time I studied and I realized that that intuition had a foundation and was not the result of delusional youthful visions, but a vision that I would have arrived at in other ways at a mature age.
Those moments, however, had the merit of opening the way for me to understand that there is no dualism between matter and spirit, between tangible and intangible and, before discovering the deceptive world of Maya in books, they allowed me to look at reality with eyes ajar, with that particular condition well known by painters and sculptors, which actually enhances visual acuity.
The profession of architect and designer and director with the passage of time has been integrated with the study of the energies that permeate beyond us, the environment in which we live and the step towards Feng Shui and the art of living and living in tune with the universal forces it was almost inevitable.
Editorial publications
La Danza dell’ombra e della luce. Novel. Edition .Lampi di stampa
Aurum . Novel .Amazon KDP self publishing
La magia del Lago d’Orta. Pictures . Edizioni Italgrafica
Novara Svelata Pictures. Edizioni Italgrafica

Video poroduction
993. "Rêve" Participation in the "Festival mondial de l'himage sous marine, Antibe". Photography and direction. Editing, Claudio Maccagno
- 2004. "Planet Sea". First prize in the Proud of being shorts competition. By Matrox / Adobe
- 2008. “Beyond the veil”. Direction. Feature film presented Novara Cine Festival
- 2010. “The Forgotten House”. Short film. Direction. Tribute and contribution of the Novara cinema for Casa Bossi "
- From 2007 to 2013. Creation and marketing of “VideoCard” registered trademark. Postcards containing documentaries dedicated to the area, including: Reggia di Venaria, La Venaria Restoration Center, Egyptian Museum of Turin, Province of Novara, Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta, Corkscrew Museum, Sacra di San Michele, University of Pollenzo wine
- “Camper Life” series, two episodes published in Ireland and Finland
- Pilot episode for the satellite channel “Life Style Italia” in collaboration with “Torino Magazine” and Walter Carasso
- Series of documentaries for the Piedmont Region Site, Department of Innovation, at Alenia aerospazio, FIAT research center, various incubators, and many others.
- Various industrial videos. Among others: Francesco Fuselli, Franco Ferraro, Paini Spa, Graute ag. , Shower pro etc.
- 2010. "Video method for learning the harp" With Enzo Vacca and Francoise Le Visage in collaboration with Salvi Arp