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Salvatore Scaduto



Salvatore Scaduto

Salvatore Scaduto was born in Partanna TP in 1960 and He is part of TAU Visual Italian association of professional photographers.
He didn't grow up with a Reflex in his neck, but his drawers are full of negatives made with Kodak Instamatic and Smena, a Russian economic photogarphic camera, given to him at 10 years old. From that moment he would pursue other passions and carry out other activities.
Then the photograph reappeared until it became a profession. In 2007 he creates Movie Angels productions.
He currently works with agencies, companies and individuals, creating both photographic images and video projects.
Since he was a boy he has always considered photography an extraordinary means of narration. "I realize that with the right combination of still images, moving images, sounds and dreams,
I can create products that better tell about ourselves and our world. "
Author reported TAU Visual Photo Award 2010 category "Deepening Photojournalism",
lives in Milano, where his production studio is located.